About Our Clothes

Our Clothes

Most of the time, fashion and ethics are not part of the same conversation. 

However at Wanderbabe Clothing, we think it should be. 

Our clothes are created in ethical, WRAP certified factories in the USA, Mexico, Europe, and China. Wherever possible, we choose companies that use renewable energy sources to create our products. 

We also place a heavy emphasis on products that are low in chemicals and use water-based ink. Better for you and for the planet! 

We are always working to include items that are better for us and the environment, and hope to expand to an organic line in the future. 

Custom for You

Each item is created once you order it. For this reason, turnaround will not be as fast as you may be used to from big-time retailers. 

We do this to reduce waste and the environmental impact, to sell only items that you really like, and to be able to constantly tweak and change our offerings to match what you love.

Read our mission for more about the inspiration behind our clothes.