Our Mission

We exist to clothe empowered women (and women) who wish to vote with their dollars and support other women.
We're a small company of female entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place. 

Each month, we donate 10% of our proceeds to organizations that support women who are:

Budding entrepreneurs

Survivors of domestic violence

Survivors of sexual assault

Going to be the next generation of leaders (via scholarship funds)

Each month we choose a different organization that aligns with these values.
In July, we're supporting survivors of domestic violence and donating 10% of our proceeds to Sojourner Family Peace Center.

I'm Kristin


I've been a travel blogger for almost eight years now, and came up with Wanderbabe Clothing while getting ready for a long-haul flight. I was squeezing into my usual leggings, wishing they were less restrictive and had more playful, beautiful patterns.

I wondered what it might be like to place the chakras and flower of life on the legs, or moon phases on the night sky. I wanted to be reminded of the important things in life like nature, empowerment, and the cosmos. Thus, Wanderbabe Clothing was born.

The fashion industry never made me feel great about myself, so I set out to create something different. We put empowering mantras on shirts and sweatshirts, create adorable leggings that are super duper comfy, and know our mission is obvious and simple: Empower women more than anyone else in the fashion industry. Read more about our story here

Our Guiding Principles

Fashion should support us, rather than promoting impossible beauty standards.

Strong women are the future.

Comfort and fashion belong together.

Always take the opportunity to rep our inner 6-year olds.

Fashion should be about self-expression, and that it makes an excellent ice breaker.

Jeans are leg prison.

Social Responsibilities 

🧜‍♀️ We are female-owned and operated  

🌎 Our clothes are all created in the USA and Mexico, on items sewn in the USA and Nicaragua.  

🌱 We mostly use solar energy. 

🙏 Our clothes are made in WRAP - Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production - facilities. When you buy from us, you support small businesses and help create jobs within North America.  

👚 We print using water-based ink - better for you AND the environment.

🧶 We work to find products that are mostly cotton, though some items are hardier and better suited to polyester.

Custom for You

Each item is created once you order it. For this reason, turnaround will not be as fast as you may be used to from big-time retailers. You can read more about shipping times here. 

We do this to reduce waste and the environmental impact and to be able to constantly tweak and change our offerings to match what you love.
The best clothing is a conversation starter, and Wanderbabe Clothing reflects that belief. Thanks for being here. We hope you find a closet staple that you love while empowering women around the world.